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Payments and Cash Management

Payments and Cash Management

Driving cross-border business

HSBC's unparalleled geographic presence and transactional capabilities help us support your local, regional or even global needs. We have talented and dedicated product specialists in every region. Listening to our customers is the foundation of our award winning strategy.

We provide innovative and integrated solutions tailored to assist you and your company in your specific requirements to achieve real-time cash flow coordination, improve security and controls, and simplify reconciliation and risk management.

Get your working capital to work harder and make the most of your financial assets

Our Cash Management solutions can help you in effectively planning, monitoring and managing liquid and near liquid assets globally, regionally or locally through online and offline delivery channels. Our solutions include:

  • Day-to-day cash
  • Cash in bank
  • Account Payables
  • Account Receivables
  • Short term investments
  • Short term borrowings

We automate as many functions as possible, while ensuring you remain in control.

HSBCnet is your gateway to effective corporate financial management on a truly global scale.

  • HSBCnet is also available in Hebrew, and was adapted to meet local regulations including Israeli tax
  • HSBCnet enables monitoring and performing transactions in both non– HSBC and HSBC accounts
  • HSBCnet provides remote access to initiate and/ or approve transactions from multiple locations.

HSBC Connect is our fully automated host-to-host solution - ideal for businesses who process large volumes of payments and receivables, providing a single global pipeline to a wide range of HSBC banking services worldwide, is our host-to-host delivery channel. HSBC Connect to SAP is our fully SAP-certified integration solution.

HSBC SWIFT for Corporate enhances integration and streamlines processes by tapping directly into the SWIFT network. HSBC is one of the largest SWIFT providers today and a key player in the SWIFT for Corporate space.

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Ofer Ein Bar
Head of Payments and Cash

Tel: +972 (3) 710 1234

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PCM testimonial video